Scientific Priority

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A general term referring to work that is seminal in a particular area and regarded as a major advancement, such as the discovery of the double helix as the structure of DNA
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The LSST was identified as a US national scientific priority by the 2010 USA National Research Council decadal survey.
Part of Nasa's mission is to go explore and that should include places that are an extremely high scientific priority," Pappalardo said.
Veering off the crash course will necessitate many things: foremost, finally and unequivocally recognizing that--whether your preferred analogy is the Apollo Program or the Manhattan Project--energy innovation must be the nation's preeminent scientific priority.
Also, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) Neuroscience at the New Millennium Plan clearly identifies research on the blood-brain barrier as a scientific priority.
This forced Darwin to go public with The Origin of Species, if he was to ensure its scientific priority.
Because it means that this desperately important work has not been a major scientific priority for at least the past 10 years.
Rath four patents giving him Scientific Priority and ownership of the technology utilizing the procedures to eradicate heart disease without surgery.
This is because while scientists can play a very important role as scientific advisors and analysts, another scientific priority is ensuring that the equipment and capabilities of our deployed soldiers is of the highest quality.
The report lists understanding the role of clouds as the top scientific priority.
Understanding the full cycle of evaporation, cloud formation, and precipitation is of highest scientific priority for predicting climate change.
While characterizing landing sites for future exploration is the fourth scientific priority in the Planetary Decadal Survey, NASA places high priority on this goal to enable a potential future lander mission to Europa.
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