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(shwīt′sər, shvīt′-), Albert 1875-1965.
French philosopher, physician, and musician who founded (1913) and spent much of his life at a missionary hospital in present-day Gabon. He won the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize.
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In 2012, Schweitzer was part of the team that conducted a series of business preparedness workshops in anticipation of Austin welcoming hundreds of thousands of international visitors to F1's launch at Circuit of the Americas.
Schweitzer and her team also tested for the presence of DNA within the cellular structures, using an antibody that only binds to the "backbone" of DNA.
Schweitzer Fellows have provided more than 44,500 hours of service to Pittsburgh's most vulnerable communities.
Schweitzer uses The Lord of the Rings to ridicule critical over-interpretations (40-41), and zeroes in on an important point by using it to demonstrate that epic fantasy cannot be reduced to the politics of the plot (73).
On December 4, three men claiming to be security officers detained Schweitzer in his Tehran hotel room for three hours of questioning; two days later, they returned for another six hours of questioning.
Schweitzer studied tropical medicine for seven years until he was qualified as a doctor.
quipped Schweitzer, who suggests generating interest in soy foods beginning wherever you are.
Schweitzer was shot as he tried to drive away from the would-be robber.
Schweitzer, a paleontologist at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.
Schweitzer places religion squarely into the traditional category and argues that religion formed an important method of coping with the war for British and American soldiers.
This collection contains seventy of Albert Schweitzer's African sermons, edited and translated into English, only six of them having been previously published by the Schweitzer scholar Jean-Paul Sorg.