Karl A., German surgeon, 1856-1902. See: Schuchardt operation.
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He corresponded with scholars such as John Morris Jones, Egerton Phillimore, Whitley Stokes, Hugo Schuchardt and D Silvan Evans, and also with many nonacademics in his search for detailed evidence about field names, local traditions and ogam inscriptions.
Osian, 11, plays for HPR Under-11 Green team and, according to his coach Richard Schuchardt, was given the award for his dedication to his team this year, as he has had a strong attendance and is someone that is a role model to his team both on and off the pitch.
Quebracho-tannin-extract (Colatan GT 10) from Markmann GmbH, hexamethylenetetramine from Merck Schuchardt OHG ([greater than or equal to] 99 %) and sodium hydroxide solution ([greater than or equal to] 32 %) from Carl Roth GmbH & Co.
Similarly, Schuchardt and others [2009] state that evaluations of individual financial education for targeted populations have mixed results concerning their effectiveness.
Louis, USA), and aconitic acid (ACA) (Aldrich, Milwaukee, USA) as monomer, N,N'-methylenebisacrylamide (Bis) (Merck, Schuchardt, Germany) as crosslinkers, ammonium persulfate (APS) (Merck, Schuchardt, Germany) as redox initiator and N, N, N', N'-tetramethyl ethylene diamine (TEMED) (Sigma, St.
One of the greatest challenges is found in the lack of interoperability of the processes," declared Sven Schuchardt, head of the eHealth project team at Detecon.
However, in order to increase the yields of the alkyl esters and to allow its phase separation from the glycerol to be formed, an excess of the alcohol is used to shift the equilibrium to the product side (Ma, Hanna 1999; Schuchardt et al.
Schuchardt, U, Sercheli, R, Vargas, RM, "Transesterification of Vegatable Oils: A Review.
City Water & Light board member Bob Schuchardt is quick to point out that the giving comes from "electricians, technicians and office workers" and not just "top-level managers.
The Kiel-team, consisting of Arnim Schuchardt, Rainer Adelung, Yogendra Mishra and S?
Keegan was found unharmed and has been reunited with his father Keith Schuchardt.
Kayla Golden, 28, was seen arguing with a woman in a car parked next to her truck before several shots were fired and baby Keegan Schuchardt was snatched.