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Karl L.E., German gynecologist, 1838-1887. See: Schroeder operation.
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It was what they call a gast-rolle night at the Royal Grand Ducal Pumpernickelisch Hof--or Court theatre--and Madame Schroeder Devrient, then in the bloom of her beauty and genius, performed the part of the heroine in the wonderful opera of Fidelio.
Schroeder owes the title of his insightful new book.
Lynne Schroeder released the statement in response to media questions regarding circumstances surrounding the rape arrest.
After he graduated from business school at the University of Wisconsin in 1943, Schroeder attended the Naval Midshipmen's School in Chicago, receiving his commission as an ensign later that year.
Doctors told Schroeder he should be able to live for another six years, but shortly afterward, Schroeder reported intense pain that forced him into another hospital visit.
I do know what it means to be chancellor," said Schroeder-Koepf, who was a journalist before marrying Schroeder in 1997.
Salloway and photographer and artist Manuel Schroeder of Berlin, Germany.
Thus, in the first chapter readers learn more generally about Schubert's education and musical development before Schroeder focuses on the composer's swift evolution from his early songs of lamentation to his uncanny mastery and compositional empathy at the ages of seventeen and eighteen, respectively, in the Goethe settings "Gretchen am Spinnrade" and "Erlkonig.
Schroeder spent his entire professional life as a teacher of theology, first at Valparaiso Univeristy, then at Concordia Seminary and Christ-Seminary--Seminex (both in St.
ISTANBUL, Nov 2, 2009 (TUR) -- Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said Monday Turkey's future lied in full membership of the European Union (EU).
Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder gave a speech in Tehran Saturday saying that if Iran wants to be recognized and respected as a regional and international power, it should itself respect international law.