Christian H.T., German anatomist and chemist, 1768-1833. See: Schreger lines, Hunter-Schreger bands, Hunter-Schreger lines.
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Bell Media and HBO enjoy a partnership of shared respect and admiration," said Charles Schreger, President, Programming Sales, HBO.
Charles Schreger, president of programming sales at HBO, said: "HBO series have enormous fan following in the MENA region and our long-standing partnership with OSN, for over a decade, has played a significant role in helping achieve this.
Mammoth ivory differs in appearance from elephant ivory in that it is browner and the Schreger lines, or crosshatchings, are coarser, giving it a distinctive aged appearance.
Benjamin Hebert and Jesse Schreger, Harvard University, "The Costs of Sovereign Default: Evidence from Argentina"
Frankel and Schreger, 2013, have recently discussed the problem of overoptimistic fiscal forecasts by governments.
The author would like to thank Jesse Schreger for research assistance, the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard for support, participants at the NYU conference for comments, and Paul Wachtel for editorial suggestions.
In fact, this isn't generally too difficult as bone contains black flecks and lacks the Schreger lines - a sort of grain - that is a feature of elephant ivory.
Under favourable circumstances archaeological samples of ivory may show the typical Schreger structure under the optical microscope (Banerjee 2004).
President of HBO Enterprises Charles Schreger remarked, "We have four or five movies a year that we release theatrically [in the U.
We are proud of the array of quality programming produced by HBO and it is wonderful to see Bell Media and Corus Entertainment have such appreciation for this catalogue," said Charles Schreger, President, Programming Sales, HBO.
Wenxin Du and Jesse Schreger, Harvard University, "Local Currency Sovereign Risk"
Celluloid is particularly good at imitating ivory and was often given a grain to copy the Schreger lines found in elephant ivory, as can be seen in the base of this pot.