educational psychology

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ed·u·ca·tion·al psy·chol·o·gy

the application of psychology to education, especially to problems of teaching and learning.

educational psychology

Etymology: L, educatus, to rear; Gk, psyche, mind, logos, science
the application of psychological principles, techniques, and tests to educational problems, such as the determination of more effective instructional methods, the assessment of student advancement, and the selection of students for specialized programs. See also applied psychology.
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KEY WORDS: evidence-based assessment, school observation, disruptive behavior, psychometrics, parent-child interaction therapy, preschool children.
Discussion was the most frequently mentioned source of data followed by personal reflections, readings and school observations.
After the initial day of observation, Gail was then aware of the focus of the primary researcher in subsequent school observations.
Generalizability is not limited to teacher observations and has been used for student observations and school observations (see for example, Cronbach et al.
This includes a motion analysis method for upper limbs, a non-invasive optical blood glucose measurement technique using near-infrared radiation, image fusion of multimodal cardiac images, functional electrical stimulation for the restoration and rehabilitation of motor function, medical manipulators for surgical applications, a walking assistance robot, a wearable power assist robot driven with pneumatic rubber artificial muscles, automated analysis of nursery school observations, a sleep monitoring system, quantitative modeling of neuronal polarization, and a web-based image database system.
Out of school observations were used to supplement in-depth phenomenological interviews.
And based on my experiences with preservice teacher education and school observations in general, I'm sure there are yet more stories behind the narrative told in the article.
This multi-method study is based on interviews with parents, students, teachers, and administrators as well as school observations, teacher surveys, application and enrollment data, and student achievement data.
I won't desecrate that prayer with primary school observations that it's all those people in the world praying loudly,fervently and selfishly that have driven our gods to forsake us.

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