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A person costumed, often as an oversized animal, who represents a particular sports team or club in promotional events and in other venues

Injuries Fractures, concussions, shoulder separation, contusions, heat-related injuries, chronic low back, knee and ankle pain, and assault by disgruntled and/or inebriated fans
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Communities can benefit from public forums created by administrators at which anyone can express their views on school mascots in a respectful manner, says Lauter.
But there was absolutely nothing to stop them from being the school mascot -- a viking.
James and Charlotte wrote to CLA President Mark Hudson, asking if they could bring the school mascot to the Game Fair for a photographic session.
As these panels are drying, a stencil of the school mascot is drawn and cut from oak tag paper.
WISE WORK: Sculpture Tommy Craggs with Amber Hurley and Jake Armstrong and school mascot Ollie, left, Tommy works on the carving and Glebe pupils admire the end result, below left Pictures by IAN COOPER
TOP ROLES: Head girl Martha Sandford (left) and deputy head girl Charlotte Hughes with the school mascot
They are now working on costumes for their school mascot, Red Raider.
The Duke was complimentary about their work and the school mascot, which is a frog that wears glasses.
All of this is happening faster than administrators can have the letters CSUCI or the school mascot, a dolphin, silk-screened onto T-shirts and sweat shirts.
Excited children from Marine Park First School in Whitley Bay gathered to welcome back their school mascot who has been serving at sea since 2000.
WKU fights for its mascot Western Kentucky University will soon have its day in court over its claim that an Italian media company stole the school mascot.
A great way to familiarize students with some art history, "Tigers with Artistic Style" (page 38) describes how a group of students portrayed their school mascot using the art styles of various artists.

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