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Hermann, Austrian physician, 1868-1934. See: Schlesinger sign, Pool-Schlesinger sign.
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Partnering with two of the world's most eminent Blackjack maestros,Henry Tamburin andDon Schlesinger , the guide is written in an informal and practical tone and consists of 15 unique chapters with additional sub-chapters.
Buruma describes Schlesinger as a highly educated man who came from a well off, assimilated Jewish family, "well-read and cultivated in music and the arts" (xxiv).
A brilliant, often abrasive Harvard-educated economist, Schlesinger went to Washington in 1969 as an obscure White House budget official.
The volume contains few entries from 1961-63, when Schlesinger was doubtless too busy to write all but the occasional note.
Schlesinger currently serves as Baker Foundation Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.
As for teaching the basics of data security, Schlesinger clarifies the intent of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act while distinguishing between regulations and policies.
However, the intensely private Jackie was reluctant for her interviews with Schlesinger to be made public.
The warning draws, in part, on John Quincy Adams, who according to Schlesinger was "perhaps our greatest Secretary of State" (p.
Schlesinger, chief of rheumatology at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Camden, N.
Judge Schlesinger and Bob Cole have made significant contributions to improve Florida's system of justice, not just this year, but throughout their careers," said Joshua A.
In early 2007, Schlesinger died as he had lived: at work on a book (the second volume of his memoirs), engaged in the battles of the present (he was a fan of Hardball with Chris Matthews) and out on the town (he was at a Manhattan restaurant on the night he was fatally stricken).