Otto W.A., German ophthalmologist, 1864-1917. See: Schirmer test.
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The document, filed on Corey's behalf by Eugene land use planning firm Schirmer Satre Group, says Corey "plans on developing the site with shipping containers to be used as storage units for use by the public.
A simple test (the Schirmer Test) can be done immediately in surgery, which confirms the level of tear production.
Schirmer Performance Editions: Burgmuller: 25 Progressive Studies, Opus 100, edited by Margaret Otwell.
This is the cornerstone of that ECP," Schirmer said last month during a Defense News web forum.
Smith and Schirmer alleged that Bekkedam or Ballamor forged documents authorizing the transfer of money and purchase of the investment.
However, President/CEO Bill Schirmer indicated that although teachers form a smaller portion of the membership base each year, they're still a significant group.
Additionally, the companies are also producing Schirmer strips, as well as outsourcing Lissamine Green and Rose Bengal strips.
4] Patients often complain of dry eye symptoms and in Schirmer test, decreasing of tear production is observed.
Dr Sophie Schirmer is an associate professor in physics at Swansea University and a member of this year's Welsh Crucible group.
The five - - Pia Schirmer, Petra Pfeifer, Corinna Mulstegen, Thomas Krohm and Karsten Deicke, all from Cologne - - had planned to run the Conwy Half Marathon on its original date last Sunday.
Schirmer, has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in connection to the death of his second wife, Betty Shirmer.
We found that the more layers there are in the film structure, the easier it is to stretch-orient at astounding stretch ratios of up to 7x7 compared with 5x5 normally," says Henry Schirmer, inventor of the LSR and president of BBS.