Fritz, German physician, 1891-1953. See: Schellong test, Schellong-Strisower phenomenon.
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says Steve Schellong, co-founder of the Alaska-based GrantStation.
Schellong says it is very difficult for startup businesses to obtain commercial loans.
Schellong describes GrantStation's start-up process, which included finding funding sources compatible with the company's vision.
After two successful years in the Alaska market, Adams and Schellong decided to expand their Web-based fund-raising solutions to a national audience.
The current chronic standard treatment of VTE, vitamin K antagonists, requires extensive monitoring and continuous dose adaptation to avoid excessive bleedings and to ensure effective anticoagulation," said Sebastian Schellong, MD, Professor for Internal Medicine, Head of Medical Division 2, Municipal Hospital Friedrichstadt, Dresden, Germany.
Panelists include: Horst Schellong, DISC Storage LLC, President Nancy Fisher, CEO Data Distributing Andy Richards, Plasmon