A., early 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Scheibe hearing impairment.
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For 12 of 16 projections, we achieved consensus, which is reflected by the interquartile range (IQR); based on earlier research, we defined a threshold value of <20 (De Vet, Brug, De Nooijer, Dijkstra & De Vries, 2005; Scheibe, Skutsch & Schofer, 1975).
Scheibe brings more than 25 years of experience to his position as senior consultant, where he will oversee project management/advisement, application planning, procurement and quality assurance efforts.
The Johnsons were joined by others who didn't want Civic demolished, including engineer Greg Ausland, Market of Choice owner Rick Wright, Kidsports Executive Director Bev Smith, PeaceHealth Public Affairs Director Jenny Ulum, Lane United Football Club Managing Director Dave Galas, community volunteer Nancy Webber, and landscape architect Matt Scheibe.
Weber's theology experts, Mathias Schneckenberger, Max Scheibe, Albrecht Ritschl, Julius Kostlin, Karl Bernhard Hundeshagen, and Heinrich Heppe, all deserve far more attention than they are given; only Troeltsch is accorded the attention he deserves.
18 cm lange Nadel mit einem uberdimensionierten Kopf in Form einer flachen Scheibe (Taf.
Coast Guard Captain Brian Penoyer joined Houston Ship Channel Security District(HSCSD) chairman Gary Scheibe in outlining training initiatives and joint communication and response efforts that protect the Houston Ship Channel region.
In his Manuscripts Genetics Van Hulle quotes a distinction made by Siegfried Scheibe between "authors [who] develop not just an idea but the whole book in their minds before putting pen to paper; these are called 'mindworkers' (Kopfarbeiter).
Frank Scheibe, PR Manager +49-30-9225-9781 scheibe@morgentreu.
spongicolus Suzuki, Bogorodsky & Randall--gemeinsames Merkmal ist die langliche und sehr flache Bauchflossenscheibe (im Vergleich zu der rundlichen und schalenformigen Scheibe bei den meisten anderen Arten der Gattung).
At the time of writing, these include the works of Johan Peter Emilius Hartmann (1805-1900), Johann Adolph Scheibe (1707-1776), and Niels Wilhelm Gade (1817-1890).
Scheibe said Zimmerman had forced her out of her home and barricaded the door with furniture.
AUber das gleichgewicht und die bewegung einer elastischen scheibe, J fAur Reine und angewandte Mathematik 1859(40): 51-88.