Territorial Marking

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The marking of a boundary with an odorous substance or pheromone secreted from a specialised, testosterone-responsive marking gland, typically near the chin or rump, or secreted in urine
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A comparison of scent marking between a monogamous and promiscuous species of Peromyscus: Pair bonded males do not advertise to novel females.
These limbs will become active scrapes if the bucks can reach them for scent marking.
Scent marking is widely recognised to have a crucial function in many species.
For example scent marking reduces the incidence of agonistic encounters by advertising territorial boundaries, as does the ability to distinguish scents of kin and neighbors from those of strangers (Welsh and Mueller-Schwarze, 1989; Davis et al.
This paper introduces a deterministic sensor node placement algorithm for target monitoring by utilizing a new biologically inspired optimization algorithm known as Territorial Predator Scent Marking Algorithm (TPSMA).
Both Wang Wang and Funi's activity levels have increased and they're showing prolonged rutting behaviours (power-walking around the exhibit), scent marking and lots of climbing, especially from Funi," she said.
Theories on cats' kneading or treading--I rhythmically moving their front paws up and down while flexing and extending their toes--run the gamut from scent marking to mimicking their ancestors in the wild who tamped down grass to create a nest.
The haul was delivered to the tourist attraction, near Bewdley, in response to an appeal for a variety of aromas to mimic the scent marking activities of wild animals.
Since scent marking and latrine use are intimately connected to a species' social organisation (Gorman & Trowbridge 1989), a broader understanding of geographic variation in patterns of brown hyaena scat deposition could improve our understanding of how the social organisation of brown hyaenas varies over regions of contrasting resource abundance and distribution.
By scent marking it, the box becomes his," said Liz Neuschatz, director of the Petfinder.
Chapter 4: Finding a Mate, also a short chapter, has recent data on scent marking and pheromones that will be of particular interest to chemical ecologists.
It is hard to predict how collecting spraints affects otters, if it does at all, but as we understand so little about scent marking it is better to take a cautious approach.