scatter diagram

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scatter diagram

a graphical figure in which two axes are plotted at right angles to each other, the independent variable on the x (horizontal) axis and the dependent variable on the y (vertical) axis. Each individual or object is then measured for these two variables, for example, age (x) and weight (y), and the position marked on the correct coordinates of the diagram, producing a series of scattered points. These may be given a ‘line of best fit’ by REGRESSION ANALYSIS.


1. the diffusion or deviation of x-rays produced by a medium through which the rays pass.
2. the distribution of two variables in relation to each other, e.g. the numbers of a population in terms of time, place or any other variable.

back scatter
backward diffusion of x-rays.
scatter diagram
a graphic representation of a scatter of two variables.
scatter radiation
the scattering of radiation in all directions as a result of interaction between the beam of the x-ray and the patient. See also compton effect.
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The lesson of the day centered on the use of scatter plots to depict the relationship between dependent and independent variables.
Caption: Figure 3: Scatter plot of SV (stroke volume) vs Avg Sm (average Sm of medial and lateral walls) with regression line for normal (3a), heart failure (3b), and sepsis (3c) groups, with combined data shown in 3d.
The bottom panel in each figure shows the scatter plot of the MERRA versus ASHRAE values.
When these data were added, the scatter plot shown in Figure 6 was obtained.
Pick nine alphabetically close countries and generate a scatter plot and correlation coefficient between 2008 Labor Market Freedom and 2009 GDP per capita.
Firstly, scatter plot of world crude oil weekly price is given (see figure 1).
W] be a gate around the region in the SSC-FSC scatter plot which contains both the TruCount beads and unknown microspheres.
For serial kinematics the Monte Carlo Method is used to convert the inputted DH-Parameters to a scatter plot of the reachable workspace.
In addition, scatter plot diagrams for all wetting test results and statistical analyses of wetting data are included.
The first technique is the scatter plot analysis, first described by Touchette, MacDonald and Langer (1985).
Once you've built your square to contain all the information you need, you can export the square to Google Spreadsheets and create a rough scatter plot.