scatter diagram

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scatter diagram

a graphical figure in which two axes are plotted at right angles to each other, the independent variable on the x (horizontal) axis and the dependent variable on the y (vertical) axis. Each individual or object is then measured for these two variables, for example, age (x) and weight (y), and the position marked on the correct coordinates of the diagram, producing a series of scattered points. These may be given a ‘line of best fit’ by REGRESSION ANALYSIS.


1. the diffusion or deviation of x-rays produced by a medium through which the rays pass.
2. the distribution of two variables in relation to each other, e.g. the numbers of a population in terms of time, place or any other variable.

back scatter
backward diffusion of x-rays.
scatter diagram
a graphic representation of a scatter of two variables.
scatter radiation
the scattering of radiation in all directions as a result of interaction between the beam of the x-ray and the patient. See also compton effect.
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A scatter plot of unexplained growth against 1960 tax rates reveals no obvious pattern.
One-click links to scatter plots with detailed response time results;
Scatter plots and linear regression lines demonstrating the relationship between personal stature and OFC are illustrated in Figures 2A, B & C.
Scatter plots and difference plots were used to analyse the paired samples.
As for the correlation between SRC and the CONFIAS (syllable, phoneme, and total), the scatter plot indicates a significant correlation only between the PROLEC-S and the CONFIAS (syllable and total) for the GWI (Figure 3).
Caption: Figure 4: Scatter plot showing correlation between serum magnesium and systolic blood pressure in the study groups [Negative correlation; Correlation coefficient r = - 0.
The scatter plot graph results of the treatment area ratios of radiofrequency ablation before or after showed that R-squared (R2) was 0.
A scatter plot was drawn between the actual shear modulus (experimental value) and the predicted shear modulus (predicted from the developed mathematical equation) for all type of soils.
With the scatter plot of samples, we can judge approximate distribution features of the samples.
The scatter plot is of real-life clinical study data and an example published by the FDA to illustrate the eDISH tool (www.
Student pairs with more than six residual matching incorrect answers showed up as clear outliers in a scatter plot.