abbreviation for Doctor of Science.
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This study may help us understand whether epigenetic mechanisms contribute to chronic disease susceptibility already prior to birth," Karin Michels, Sc.
LOUIS, June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A research team led by Theodosios Alexander, Sc.
The single biggest factor explaining the link between severe child adult cardiovascular disease was the tendency of abused girls to have gained more weight throughout adolescence and into adulthood," Janet Rich-Edwards, Sc.
Diseases have always passed from wild animals to human hunters, but dramatic increases in tropical logging, complete with new trucks and access roads, have allowed local disease outbreaks to have potentially global consequences," said Nathan Wolfe, Sc.
a leading provider of economic, finance, and strategy expertise, is pleased to announce the promotion of epidemiologist Mei Sheng Duh, Sc.
Long-term use of a daily multivitamin did not provide cognitive benefits," concluded investigators led by Francine Grodstein, Sc.
A graduate of Florida Institute of Technology who received her Sc.
I thought that the first meeting was a productive start and I look forward to the first public meeting on September 23 and 24, 2010," said Diane Rowland, Sc.
8% of all ADHD cases in the United States, reported Eric Mick, Sc.
Award-Winning Scientific Team Is Led by Drug Delivery Pioneer Nicholas Peppas, Sc.
Langseth is a registered professional engineer and earned his Sc.
The findings suggest that it is possible to provide near-universal coverage of the population and have a resulting system that most physicians believe improves care for the uninsured without undermining their ability to provide care to their patients," study coauthor Robert Blendon, Sc.