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Gynecology A contraceptive vaginal gel that ↓ transmission of STDs–eg, HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea. See Contraceptive.
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For more information or to subscribe to Savvy Avenue, visit www.
Overall, your impressions of the Savvy should be favourable.
Now a seasoned live performer with his band e Savoir-Faire, Savvy has performed alongside acts like De La Soul and KRs One, Grooverider and Goldie Lookin Chain.
The Savvy app is available for download to any iOS and Android device and is also available online at http://www.
On the road the Savvy Style is reasonably capable but the 1.
The Savvy certainly has to work hard in the marketplace because there are some very serious contenders in the small hatchback market out there including arch rival, the Kia Picanto.
It can be a bit noisy when travelling at motorway speeds - but in its defence buyers will probably be more interested in the average fuel economy figure and here the Savvy reaches almost 50mpg.
It would be relatively easy to poke fun at the Savvy.
To bridge the growing chasm, communicators will have to admit that the Savvy Ignorers' ability to ignore whatever they wish will always beat communicators' ability to drive important messages.
The writing, too, is casual Background Editor-publisher Linda McDonald said, "Supermarket Savvy was started in 1988 by Leni Reed Nazare, a dietitian who started providing super-market tours in Dallas.
has introduced Savvy Call, a unique 10-10-like service that allows cell phone and land line users to bypass the exorbitant rates of carriers such as AT&T, Cingular and Nextel.