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shavasana (shä·väˑ·s·n),

n “corpse pose,” a component of yoga practice that promotes a state of homeostasis, thus allowing the person to release emotional and physical tension; performed at the end of all the asanas. See also asanas.
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Bermuda's Yoga With Tali offers hour-long practices out on the water, starting with breathwork (pranayama) and ending in Savasana (rest position).
Each class begins with 30 minutes of Zumba and ends with 30 minutes of yoga, including techniques for breathing, kid-friendly balancing poses and Savasana (the practice of relaxing physically and mentally).
It begins with the OM chant, continues with Prana (energising breath) and Suryanamaskara (sun salutations), and concludes with Savasana, the relaxing part of any yoga class.
This position is known as Savasana, the corpse posture in yoga, and is one of total acceptance and openness, where physical tension is reduced to a minimum.
They make soothing companions for all ages at bedtime, for yoga savasana or during time-out--whether it's the kid or the parent who could use help calming down.
During the final savasana or corpse-pose, even the most frenzied schedulers stop racing and meditate quietly.
Yoga is a practice of meditation, pranayama (breathwork), asana (anatomically aligned postures), savasana (yogic relaxation) and philosophy (how to have a happy life).
In savasana, we are asked to focus on the effects of today's poses, and each time our mind wanders away from following the breath, we are to bring it back to the inhalation and the exhalation.
An ideal practice is Savasana, which completely relaxes the body and mind, creating the best conditions for the body to be healed and restored:
Savasana, also known as "corpse pose," allows the active work of the class to be integrated through total relaxation of body and mind.
Yoga With Tali offers hour-long practices starting with breathwork (pranayama) and ending in Savasana (rest position).