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day of the week.
Saturday night palsy syndrome - Synonym(s): alcoholic neuropathy
Saturday night paralysis - musculospiral paralysis.
References in classic literature ?
No," returned the stranger, "but once and away, and on a Saturday night too.
Cause you'd take no hurt when you fall out of your cart drunk on a Saturday," was the answer.
My mother was only buried on Saturday, and here you are gadding about with the fellow.
But are you sure that, in that country, each week is composed of six Saturdays and one Sunday?
Eevery Saturday night the Clover Leaf Social Club gave a hop in the hall of the Give and Take Athletic Association on the East Side.
Cuff goes home every Saturday, but can't this, because he has 2 Black Eyes.
They used to assemble in the parlour after supper on Saturday nights.
It was one Saturday night, as they were coming home from a wedding, that Tamoszius found courage, and set down his violin case in the street and spoke his heart; and then Marija clasped him in her arms.
All its life it had been asleep, but now it hardly got a chance for a nod, so swiftly did big events and crashing surprises come along in one another's wake: Friday morning, first glimpse of Real Nobility, also grand reception at Aunt Patsy Cooper's, also great robber raid; Friday evening, dramatic kicking of the heir of the chief citizen in presence of four hundred people; Saturday morning, emergence as practicing lawyer of the long-submerged Pudd'nhead Wilson; Saturday night, duel between chief citizen and titled stranger.
sundown, Saturday, September 2d, by the prisoner's field,
And so she is to come to us next Friday or Saturday, and the Campbells leave town in their way to Holyhead the Monday following as you will find from Jane's letter.
And one day when an old lady with rheumatism came to see the Doctor, she sat on the hedgehog who was sleeping on the sofa and never came to see him any more, but drove every Saturday all the way to Oxenthorpe, another town ten miles off, to see a different doctor.