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day of the week.
Saturday night palsy syndrome - Synonym(s): alcoholic neuropathy
Saturday night paralysis - musculospiral paralysis.
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His mind was inclined to run, even as mine had run on Saturday, on military details.
Perhaps now would be a great opportunity for all of us to review our notes from the last 10 years, listen to recordings we may have purchased, and incorporate even more of the ideas and suggestions from the last 10 Pedagogy Saturdays.
After all, most of our lives are Holy Saturdays, the time between the hard knocks and the great triumphs, between bad news and glad tidings, between death and resurrection.
When Jeff Gordon was younger and working his way up the auto-racing ranks, he would race Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
BLACK MOUNTAIN TAILGATE MARKET Where: Vance Ave in the grassy area between CCB Bank and Black Mountain Natural Foods, just off Highway 9, a block north of Exit 64 from 1-40 Parking in CCB Bank lot When: Saturdays 9 am-noonish Contact: Elaine Hamil 828-669-4003 tailgate@main.
We sincerely hope that San Francisco will not base its decision to close off access to its most important urban park and cultural institutions on a random clip-board survey taken on two Saturdays and Sundays in August," said Ron Miguel, President of the Planning Association for the Richmond.
Troop members hope the public will drop off the donations on both Saturdays - this week and next.
When: Saturdays 8 am-1 pm Contact: Jen Lapidus 828-649-9511, bakedaze@madison.
When: Saturdays 8:30 am-noonish (start 9 am May & Oct.
When: Saturdays 8:30 am-11:30 am Contact: Elaine Hamil 828-669-5785 blackmountaintailgate@hotmail.