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day of the week.
Saturday night palsy syndrome - Synonym(s): alcoholic neuropathy
Saturday night paralysis - musculospiral paralysis.
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Anyway, they dogged along after him all day Saturday and kept out of his sight; and towards sundown he come to the bunch of sycamores down by Uncle Silas's field, and he went in there to get a disguise out of his hand-bag and put it on before he showed himself here in the town--and mind you he done that just a little after the time that Uncle Silas was hitting Jubiter Dunlap over the head with a club--for he DID hit him.
What do you say, Sir Patrick, to Saturday next (with Lady Lundie's permission) in this room?
To come back to serious things, I have engaged to produce you, in the presence of every body--your wife included--on Saturday next.
But are you sure that, in that country, each week is composed of six Saturdays and one Sunday?
So Anna always made Jimmy Burns take her by Maggie's house every Saturday night so that her friend could go to the dance with them.
Between these more serious occupations the Saturday night hop with the paper-box factory girls came as a refining influence and as an efficient screen.
On Saturdays Rhinegold's paper-box factory closed at 3 P.
Jimmy Bean, at his Saturday morning task of pulling up the first little green weeds of the flowerbeds, sat up with ears and eyes wide open.
Well, I was strung up for trouble when the next Saturday came, and I'll tell you what I had done.
But the Saturday brought word that the Count was not coming this week, being in Rome on business, and unable to return in time; so for a whole Sunday we were promised peace; and made bold plans accordingly.
On the Saturday, however, we were able to meet for the last time as heretofore--just once more in secret--down there in the cave--as soon as might be after dark.
And then, when you come to Sunday dinner, you can both stop Saturday night in the spare bedroom.