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Caption: Figure 4: Capillary absorption curve of red brick samples as a function of the root of time, after 1 and 2 cycles, with pure water and saturated solutions of KCl and [Na.
Caption: Figure 8: Drying curves of red brick samples with pure water and saturated solutions of KCl and [Na.
Table 2: Capillary absorption coefficient of monolithic red brick specimens partially immersed in pure water and saturated solutions of KCl and [Na.
The solubility of bismuth lactate in the saturated solution in ASW at pH 3.
The concentration of Bi(III) in the saturated solution of bismuth oxychloride in ASW may be calculated taking into account the adequate equilibrium:
The univariant G + A + L-the equilibrium of gypsum, anhydrite and saturated solutions in pure water-, represents the effect of the confinement pressure on the behaviour of the CaS[O.
2]O system at atmospheric pressure in data-bases on properties of saturated solutions is poor, and only isolate data are reported by some authors (Schneider, 1960; Lide & Frederikse, 1997; Delage et al.
Solubility of ACP expressed in % m/v, saturated solution and solvent densities, solute volumetric fraction, solute activity coefficient, and activity variation factor in EtOH + W cosolvent mixtures at 30.
In order to permit conversion between molarity and mole fraction concentration scales, the density of the saturated solutions was determined with a digital density meter (DMA 45 Anton Paar, precision [+ or -] 0.
proportional]]), the surface tension effect is negligible and the dissolved gas concentration at the bubble/polymer melt interface can be approximated as a saturated solution at [P.
2 it was shown that before pressurization was applied, the polymer melt in the experiments of Spence (10) was an almost saturated solution (see Table 2), that is [c.
In the present study, co-solvent mixtures of DDA were made from saturated solutions of enhancer in water as OA:water mixture at 20:80; 40:60; 60:40; 80:20 and100:00 ratio (v/v) respectively as given in Table-3 and then degree of saturation (DS) was calculated (i.