Satellite Nodule

A minute tumour cell nest—measuring ±0.05 mm in diameter—which may be seen in the reticular dermis, fat, or vessels in a person with melanoma, and separated therefrom; melanomas with satellite nodules have a far worse prognosis than melanomas of similar thickness without satellites
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In addition, a linear margin, satellite nodules, bronchial wall thickening, consolidation, and ground-glass attenuation were significantly more frequent in benign cavitary lesions than in malignant ones.
39) Although the morphological findings of cavitation in patients with post primary tuberculosis are hardly distinguishable from malignant cavitary lesions (Figure 7), the presence of adjacent tree-in-bud lesions, (40) or satellite nodules may help in differentiating tuberculosis from malignancy.
For purposes of staging, satellite nodules, multifocal primary cholangiocarcinomas, and intrahepatic metastases are not distinguished and are considered multiple tumors.
The TNM classification does not discriminate between multiple independent primary tumors, tumor satellite nodules, or intrahepatic metastasis from a single primary carcinoma.
On the left popliteal fossa was an ulcerated, purplish lesion measuring 15 cm in diameter, with multiple purplish satellite nodules of 1 to 3 cm (Fig.
Multiple satellite nodules occur in 10 to 15% of all cases.
The tumor may be diffusely infiltrative with indistinct borders, and small satellite nodules can also be present.
This type appears as a large circumscribed mass occupying a substantial portion of the liver, often with small satellite nodules.
Gross morphology included hemorrhage, necrosis, and satellite nodules.

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