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Ethnomedicine A ‘spirit’ or ‘devil’ that may afflict Ethiopians, which is said to speak through its host’s mouth and cause him/her to behave unusually
Vox populi Beelzebub, The Devil, Lucifer The embodiment of evil that traditionally refers to a 'fallen' angel in the Judeo-Christian construct, or a Jinn in the Islamic construct
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signs attributed to Islam, aggression against the innocent people of Yemen, Bahrain, and Libya, intervention of colonial powers in Muslim states, suicide attacks, target killing, and drone attacks on the soil of our beloved homeland Pakistan; to make known to the whole world that we are united and that satanic forces will never be able to disintegrate us.
Dark, satanic forces here and abroad seek to undermine the way we and our fellow people wish to live and, through Jon's inspiration and action, we are slowly but steadily smothering these evil forces.
PENSIONER Dumitru Popescu, 62, who wrote to the Romanian government saying they weren't doing enough to prepare for an invasion of satanic forces was told to "write to somewhere more competent".
He discovers this wisdom after a Bulgakovian, tragicomic acquaintance with the satanic forces.
The Muslim rulers were openly siding with the Satanic forces.
Liaqat Baloch said that Pakistan is the citadel of Islam but the Satanic forces have attacked the country through their culture.