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A term used in various fields of medicine in which a process is layered—as in immune-mediated reactions—or has a layered appearance—as seen in radiology
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An opportunity such as this is once in a lifetime for a Risk Manager," said Sarnie.
a surface and materials science company best known for its innovative work with catalytic converters, Sarnie has made employee and plant safety and security a priority and the lynchpin of his overall risk management program.
The Staunton Sarnie - 'Admittedly a bit stale and curling at the edges,
There's a little Edwardian tea shop if you forget your sarnies.
The children shared a ham salad and egg mayo sarnie (pounds 3.
With their sublime smell and terrific taste, the humble bacon sarnie is still the nation's favourite "guilty" food, despite the growing popularity of exotic, spicy dishes.
As part of British Sausage Appreciation Week 2006 Andrew's sarnie was crowned best in the Yorkshire region by sausage aficionado Carol Thatcher.
I digest such mind-boggling figures while sitting in what comes close to being "Sandwich Central", talking to two brothers who know just about everything there is to know about Britain's enduring love affair with the sarnie.
The new sponsor, Yorkshirebased John Smith's beer, conjures up images of beer belly bil-lies swigging their way around the back street bars of Doncaster rather than the beautiful people sipping cocktails in Aintree's prawn sarnie grandstands.
My own twist on this tasty sarnie is to serve it open.
CHARLOTTE Church might be used to living the high life, but she still loves nothing more than a bacon sarnie - especially when she's made it herself.
The super-sized sarnie - which contains sliced pork and pastry, hard-boiled egg, lettuce, tomatoes and salad cream - has been created for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.