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Erdem also claimed ISIL possesses chemical weapons, adding: "The UN has opened an investigation into the use of sarin gas in Syria.
Arkadash also called on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to resign from his post as soon as it is proven that Ankara has supplied the terrorists in Syria with deadly Sarin gas.
Along with the sarin gas, the police seized a number of handguns, grenades, bullets and documents during their search.
The sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway system on March 20, 1995, killed 13 people and left thousands ill, while an earlier sarin attack on June 27, 1994, in a parking lot near housing for judges in the central Japan city of Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, killed eight people.
The Matsumoto sarin gas attack which occurred June 27, 1994, killed seven and injured 550, while the Tokyo attack March 20, 1995, claimed 12 lives and left more than 5,500 ill.
American hospitals, doctors, and emergency services providers should heed the lessons of the 1995 Tokyo subway terrorist attack in their preparations for a potential sarin gas release in the United States, according to bioterrorism experts and two Japanese physicians who treated many of the victims in the subway incident.
Victims and bereaved families of the AUM Shinrikyo cult's sarin gas attacks in Japan in the 1990s issued comments Monday saying the AUM case is not over, even as the Supreme Court handed down a ruling in the morning that effectively ended more than 16 years of investigations and trials involving the group.
27 Kyodo The AUM Shinrikyo cult has apologized to a victim of the 1994 sarin gas attack in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, the first move by the cult to make an apology to an individual victim.
As a CNN correspondent in Tokyo, she covered the devastating Kobe earthquake in 1995 that killed more than 5,000, and was the first reporter from a non-Japanese news organization to cover the deadly sarin gas attack on Tokyo's subway system.
The Supreme Court on Friday turned down an appeal from a senior member of the AUM Shinrikyo cult, Tomomasa Nakagawa, who was sentenced to death by lower courts for his involvement in a series of incidents including the group's sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway system in 1995 and in Nagano Prefecture a year earlier.
Prosecutors said in the Tokyo District Court that Toru Toyoda, 31, and Kenichi Hirose, 35, conspired with AUM founder Shoko Asahara to release sarin gas in five trains on the Tokyo subway system on March 20, 1995.
10 Kyodo Prosecutors demanded the death sentence Friday for a former senior member of the AUM Shinrikyo cult for his role in the sarin gas attacks in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, in 1994 and on the Tokyo subway system in 1995.