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Martin, German neurologist, 1844-1915. See: Bernhardt disease, Bernhardt-Roth syndrome.
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As tres turnes de Sarah Bernhardt no Rio de Janeiro, que trouxeram ao pais aproximadamente dez espetaculos (3), foram acontecimentos registrados por textos jornalisticos, artigos de critica teatral e anuncios publicitarios.
It stresses the ways in which Jewish women from Sarah Bernhardt through Alla Nazimova leveraged their status as emancipating Jewish women to position themselves outside of both Jewish and social norms of femininity--and to transform those norms in their culture at large.
Julia Roberts is our modern-day Sarah Bernhardt," quips Maz Zouhairi, president and CEO of Lalique North America.
I have seen the Sarah Bernhardt performance," Richardson says.
Sarah Bernhardt and theatre traditions in France and England
Sarah Bernhardt was defined and deified by the men who loved her.
99 Paris Between The Wars - Art, Style and Glamour in the Crazy Years by Vincent Bouvet and Gerard Durozoi Thames & Hudson pounds 28 Every century has its drama queen, but during the 19th century the actress, Sarah Bernhardt reigned supreme - offstage and on.
Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man's Smile is an engaging, well-researched mystery, with a clever plot and large cast of famous characters, including Sarah Bernhardt, James Russell Lowell, and Arthur Conan Doyle.
Peony Sarah Bernhardt - pink with highly fragrant blooms (approx 1m height and spread).
GRAND 1894 OPERA HOUSE: La lista de artistas que han participado en espectaculos incluye a Sarah Bernhardt, Al Jolson, los Hermanos Marx, Bill Cosby y Ray Charles.
Called "the pulse of America" by Sarah Bernhardt, Chicago has been a crucible of innovation.