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A gene on chromosome 10q22.1 that encodes a protein involved in transport from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi apparatus. SAR1A is required to maintain SEC16A localisation at discrete locations on the ER membrane. SAR1A-GTP-dependent assembly of SEC16A on the ER membrane forms an organised scaffold that defines endoplasmic reticulum exit sites (ERES).

sara (sä·r),

n in Ayurveda, the quality or “essence” in development and functioning of each tissue (dhatu); differs from individual to individual. The quality of the tissues is directly related to the quality of ingested foods and the efficiency of digestion.
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Sarah was such a fun-loving girl, and she was really kind," she said.
Bulk carrier the Federal Oshima, owned by Canadian company Fednav, was the nearest ship able to reroute to pick Sarah up.
One day Sarah received a phone call to say that a kidney had become available.
Sarah and Matt started dating each other in 2008 when they auditioned for "High School Musical 3: Senior Year".
people passionate " Sarah, who was a trainee surgeon at Kirkcaldy's Victoriaabout Hospital, had been driving to her parents' home in Loanhead, near Edinburgh, on a Thursday evening to take them out for dinner.
Health centre manager Sarah, 47, is gearing up to take on the Marathon des Sables - a gruelling 156-mile "ultra marathon" across the Moroccan desert in April.
Sarah was an adventurist who loved sports and was an excellent swimmer.
Said CEO and owner Sarah Hess, "After over a decade of web design experience, I launched my new business to cater to businesses seeking the very best in San Diego web design.
Sunshine broke through the cloud and streamed into the main hall where the funeral congregation yesterday said goodbye to Sarah, who died after battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer.
Not content with being 2011's top-earning female stand-up, Geordie comedienne Sarah Millican has won her own TV show.
Girls Aloud singer Sarah, 30, had a furious drink-fuelled bust-up with former partner Theo De Vries in a hotel room on New Year's Eve.
Sarah could have made her way up the ladder and move on as she was a very successful business lady.