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A gene on chromosome 10q22.1 that encodes a protein involved in transport from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi apparatus. SAR1A is required to maintain SEC16A localisation at discrete locations on the ER membrane. SAR1A-GTP-dependent assembly of SEC16A on the ER membrane forms an organised scaffold that defines endoplasmic reticulum exit sites (ERES).

sara (sä·r),

n in Ayurveda, the quality or “essence” in development and functioning of each tissue (dhatu); differs from individual to individual. The quality of the tissues is directly related to the quality of ingested foods and the efficiency of digestion.
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I was in fourth grade and I came into his office and he had drawings all over his desk," said Sara.
CONTACT: Media, Jeffrey Smith, 312-558-8727, or Analysts, Leigh Ferst, 312-558-8464, both of Sara Lee/
Difficulties occurred as Sara worked over old works for long months, and did not produce new work at a rate that satisfied the officials in charge of the meager budget for dance companies.
Fraleigh, chief executive officer of Sara Lee Food & Beverage, discussed his focus on driving margin improvement by building brands through innovation, quality, and clearly communicated product benefits; executing sales programs to benefit customers and the consumers in their stores; integrating continuous improvement initiatives; and aligning employees behind growth and achievement.
The varieties are Sara Lee Home-Style Buttermilk Bakery Bread Made with Whole Grain, Sara Lee Old-Fashioned Potato Bakery Bread Made with Whole Grain and Sara Lee Country Bakery Bread Made with Whole Grain.
We are excited about our plans for driving Sara Lee's long-term growth in our core markets through our innovation strategy and continuous improvement initiatives," said Barnes.
In addition to the above, plaintiffs allege that Helen opened numerous credit card accounts by forging her mother's name, stole almost $200,000 in bearer bonds from Sara, stole every penny of Sara's monthly Social Security payments and emptied bank accounts the elder Sternlights had established for their grandchildren.
The first television advertisement, "Yummy," is a 30-second spot designed with stop-action photo montages of people mid-bite celebrating the joy of eating with shots of Sara Lee products used in personal creations, accompanied by the song Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, performed by celebrity voiceover artist Billy West.
2-3--Color) Giving comfort as best they can, Sara Criado's grandfather Michael D'Agostino hugs Sara's mother, Teresa Gutierrez, above, while family members hold Sara's 7-year-old brother, Jerry Criado, after the memorial service held Monday.
Frankfort began his career with Coach Leatherware in 1979 as vice president of new business development and was named president of Coach when that company was acquired by Sara Lee in 1985.
Sara Lee North American Fresh Bakery is reformulating the recipes of its two most popular breads - Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Made with Whole Grain White bread and Sara Lee Soft & Smooth 100% Whole Wheat bread.
It's the spring concert season, which means Tom and Cindy Hiner's already hectic schedule takes on a frantic pace as they escort their musician daughters, Sara and Mari, to rehearsals, private lessons and concerts.