saponification number

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sa·pon·i·fi·ca·tion num·ber

the number of milligrams of KOH required to saponify 1 g of fat; an approximate measure of the average molecular weight of a fat, with which it varies inversely.
Synonym(s): Koettstorfer number

saponification number

In analysis of fats, the number of milligrams of potassium hydroxide needed to saponify 1 g of oil or fat.
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J., 19th century German chemist.
Koettstorfer number - the number of milligrams of KOH required to saponify 1 g of fat. Synonym(s): saponification number
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Measuring Free Fatty Acids (FFA), Peroxide Value (PV) and Saponification Value (SV): In the present study, rancidity in cookies samples were determined by measuring free fatty acid, peroxide value, and saponification value with and without TWP for 45 days of storage.
Hydroxyl value Saponification value (mg of KOH/g) (mg of KOH/g) Dose (kGy) 2 h 4 h 6 h 2 h 4 h 6 h 0 165.
The samples were categorized in categories on the basis of properties which include moisture content, free fatty acid amount, kinematic viscosity and saponification value.
The oily extracts obtained were subjected to density, kinematic viscosity, acid value, pour point, cloud point, flash point, fatty acid profile, iodine value and saponification value.
Also, the viscosity, density, saponification value and iodine value (IV) are different when virgin oils are used (Tomasevic, Siler-Marinkovic 2003).
ASTM D5558-95: Standard Test Method for Determination of the Saponification Value of Fats and Oils.
99 Where IV = Iodine value SV = Saponification value Table 9: Heating values for neat oils (KJ/kg) and (MJ/kg) Oil HHV (KJ/kg) HHV (MJ/kg) LHV (KJ/kg) LHV (MJ/kg) TVO 39620 39.
Hydroxyl value (HV), Iodine value (IV), saponification value (SV) and refractive index (RI) were determined according to standard procedures (DFG, 1994).
4682 Saponification Value (Cd 3-25 (03)) 189 Table 2-Characteristic IR-Absorption bands of sunflower oil.