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(Ramón y Cajal) (kah-hahl', rah-mōn' ē ka-hal'),
Santiago, Spanish histologist and 1906 Nobel laureate, 1852-1934. See: Cajal cell, horizontal cell of Cajal, Cajal astrocyte stain, interstitial nucleus of Cajal.
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Santiago Ramon y Cajal and the Spanish school of neurology.
Santiago Ramon y Cajal desbarato esta hipotesis, pues puso al descubierto que las neuronas mantienen contactos discontinuos cuando hacen sinapsis, ese peculiar estado del sistema nervioso donde las celulas se yuxtaponen sin fusionarse.
In 1906, Santiago Ramon y Cajal achieved the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology for his work on the structure of the nervous system.
Mas alla de sus notables descubrimientos cientificos, un dato que sorprende es que Santiago Ramon y Cajal haya nacido en una pequena villa aragonesa que en los albores del siglo xx contaba con 2500 habitantes.
While it was Santiago Ramon y Cajal who discovered that nerve cells have identifiable gaps, or synapses, between them, it was Golgi who came up with a way to stain neurons so that their behavior could be studied.
One hundred years ago, the Spanish neuroscientist Santiago Ramon y Cajal postulated that diffusible chemical attractants weave neural networks by sending signals to the developing brain.