Santalum album

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Chinese medicine
A tree, the resinous wood of which is an antiseptic, carminative and sedative; it is used for bronchitis, dermatitis, poor digestion, sexually transmitted infections and urogenital infections.
Fringe medicine
An essence which, in the pseudoscience of flower essence therapy, is believed to relieve tension and anxiety and possibly serve as a sexual stimulant.

Santalum album (sanˑ·t·lm alˑ·bm),

n part used: oil; uses: chronic bronchitis, chronic cystitis, gonorrhea; precautions: can cause itching and nausea. Also called
sandalwood and
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alpha]-Santalol derivatives from Santalum album and their cytotoxic activities.
The new products include Venocin (90%), a standardized extract derived from the seeds of the horse chestnut tree, and Xymenynic acid, obtained from Santalum album seeds, which adds to anti-inflammatory effects.
The bioactive compounds of sandalwood such as (Z)-beta-santalol, (Z)-lanceol were isolated from Santalum album have strong anti-H.