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samkhya (säm·khyä),

n in Ayurveda, the philosophy of creation and nature of the universe. Includes the concepts of cosmic energy present in all things and that the universe contains 24 elements. Existence is seen as a manifestation of the energies of the cosmic consciousness, and human life is a universe within the universe.
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Christy makes the important point that the Gita "is a merging of the Yoga and Sankhya philosophies; and it advocates ways of life that are inherently incompatible" (25).
Teebagy has published in such journals as Decision Sciences, Sankhya, Journal of Interactive Marketing, and Eastern European Economics, and presented papers at various professional meetings.
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VISAKHAPATNAM, India -- Sankhya Technologies, a leading software research and development company today announced the successful use of its tools for the design of a next generation video processor by a US design house.
The Project supported Jan Sankhya Shtirta Kosh in developing an advocacy plan and facilitated a high level advocacy meeting with Parliamentarians through the Citizens Alliance for Reproductive Health and Rights .
Since the time of his tesi de laurea (2005) and first published article on "the textual basis of Saivism in ancient Indonesia" (2006), Andrea Acri has worked to build the basis of a solid understanding of the relationship between the Tutur and Tattva literature of Java and Bali and the texts of the Siddhantatantra, Saivagama, Pasupata, Yoga, and Sankhya traditions of South Asia.
We believe ILOG Elixir to be a perfect complement to Adobe Flex data displays for our next generation enterprise wide product lines for training management and information systems and dashboards," said Bharadwaj Revuri, Product Manager, Sankhya Technologies.
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In Sankhya the supreme person (purusa) is completely inactive and only experiences the results of karma.