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Any of the various dog and cat hookworms with larvae that cause cutaneous larva migrans.
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Extraterrestrial flora and fauna are sometimes called aliens--Dune's sandworms, for example--but this is loose usage.
Migratory shorebirds must refuel by feeding on the small fish, sandworms, crustaceans, snails, and other marine life that abounds within and upon the soil of these far-from-barren wetlands.
Tremors (1990): Entertaining sci-fi spoof starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as two handymen stranded in the desert who become targets for a family of giant sandworms.
The survey will also examine types and amounts of organisms living in sand and mud such as sandworms and bivalves, which decompose organic matter and support diversified ecosystems, in order to indicate their ability to make water purer.
Corbina also hit mussels, clams, bloodworms, sandworms, ghost shrimp, soft-shelled China crabs and grunions, as well as artificial grubs, some lures and saltwater flies that resemble anchovies, sculpins or other near-shore fish that they dine on.
WASHINGTON -- Bestselling author Brian Herbert wishes he could send giant sandworms to march on Washington, D.
30pm In his time actor Alec Newman has wrestled with giant sandworms in the mini-series Dune and tackled aliens in Star Trek series Enterprise, but even those outlandish creations are no match for the pupils - and staff - of Waterloo Road.
Enormous sandworms traverse the desert in Frank Herbert's 1965 science fiction classic, Dune.
He has been involved in some 30 or so albums bearing the name of Giant Sand/Howe Gelb or a seemingly endless list of side-projects like Calexico (bandmates Jon Convertino and Joey Burns), Friends of Dean Martinez, OP8, Blacky Ranchette and Giant Sandworms, with the spectral slide-guitar of the late Rainer Ptacek.
Unregulated harvest of molluscs, crustaceans, and sandworms deprive migratory birds of the food they need to complete their journeys.