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A term used in various fields of medicine in which a process is layered—as in immune-mediated reactions—or has a layered appearance—as seen in radiology
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He ate his sandwich with suspicion, and after his first sip of coffee ordered a whiskey and soda.
Granet poured out the wine for her, mixed himself a whiskey-and-soda and took a sandwich also from the plate.
It was given me by an Eskimo in the Sandwich Islands--where there are no sandwiches at all--and as long as I carry it every living thing I meet will love me dearly.
Inside she found, nicely wrapped in white papers, a ham sandwich, a piece of sponge-cake, a pickle, a slice of new cheese and an apple.
By all means," replied the members, each with his mouth full of sandwich.
On which the Messenger, to Alice's great amusement, opened a bag that hung round his neck, and handed a sandwich to the King, who devoured it greedily.
He did not rely upon the sandwich for lunch, but liked to have it by him in case he grew hungry at eleven.
The grate, which was a wide one, was wound and screwed up tight, so as to hold no more than a little thin sandwich of fire.
The sandwich is a staple food in the American diet, with Packaged Facts survey data showing that 79% of U.
It is official, the BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato) has been voted the UK's favourite sandwich in a poll conducted by the British Sandwich Association.
SANDWICH TRAIN (makes 2) INGREDIENTS 2 sandwich rounds made with cream cheese or pate; cucumber skin; radishes; a little sandwich filling; 1 celery stick; 1 carrot; 1 cooked beetroot; cream cheese; lettuce and pretzel stick.
I'm always looking for sandwich ideas and this new book offers 101 creative recipes.