sand flea

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sand flea

See chigoe.
chigoe; chigger flea; sand flea; jigger; Tunga penetrans tiny soil-dwelling tropical insect; the female burrows through plantar and webspace skin or under toenails to feed and lay eggs; infestation causes tungiasis, i.e. formation of haemorrhagic/ulcerated nodules 3–4 weeks after initial infection; differential diagnosis includes verruca pedis and amelanotic melanoma; treated by lesion curettage, cryotherapy or minute dissection to remove insect and all eggs


1. material occurring in fine, gritty particles loose in the body.
2. geological sand is ingested by animals, especially horses, grazing on very sandy soil. The animals may take in large amounts and this accumulates in the large sacs of the alimentary tract, the reticulum of the cow and the cecum and colon in horses. Sand or dust storms, or volcanic dust fallout may produce a similar, acute situation.

sand colic
see sand colic.
sand enteritis
acute sand ingestion may cause enteritis with severe, sometimes fatal diarrhea. See also enteritis.
sand flea
see tungapenetrans.
sand rash
irritation and weeping of the toe webbing in racing Greyhounds causing lameness. Caused usually by racing in sand.
sand shin oak
sand toe
Greyhounds racing in sand suffer impaction of sand under the coronary band, causing lameness, mostly in the inner and outer toes of the hind paws.
uterine sand
see uterine sand.
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The 2 most common names attributed to the sand flea in Peru and other countries of South America--nigua and pique--come from the Arawak and Quechua languages, respectively.
Other commonly used names include chigoe flea, sand flea, chigo, jigger, chique, nigua, pico, le bicho de pr.
From time to time it pecks at sand fleas in the little surf.
Of the 96, a total of 30 were located on the toes; all toes but one were infested with sand fleas; one sand flea was trying to penetrate the skin of on the second toe of the left foot (Figure 2).
Fourteen phyla of tiny creatures, including microbes and sand fleas, live in sand.
My wife and I lived in Florida with all the sand fleas and ticks which are impossible to Control.
Triple-hook pompano rigs are standard, with sand fleas, clam strips or scented soft baits such as Fish Bites for bait.
After hearing from Rice and Brown, businessmen attending the conference pledged also to send music CDs, which rank high on soldier request lists, and B-complex vitamins, which help prevent sand fleas from biting, according to Rice.
Pompano often show up and they hit sand fleas, fresh shrimp and jigs.
The number one question that has always haunted me is what triggers the reds to scratch out a living in the pounding surf chasing mullet or digging up sand fleas when there are marshes full of food just inside the nearest inlet.
A set rig with fresh dead shrimp or live sand fleas will work best fished on the drop offs around the outer sandbar.
Pompano love turbulence and the breakers on the outside bar are where the shrimp and sand fleas are getting pushed around above the hard sand bottom.