sand flea

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sand flea

See chigoe.
chigoe; chigger flea; sand flea; jigger; Tunga penetrans tiny soil-dwelling tropical insect; the female burrows through plantar and webspace skin or under toenails to feed and lay eggs; infestation causes tungiasis, i.e. formation of haemorrhagic/ulcerated nodules 3-4 weeks after initial infection; differential diagnosis includes verruca pedis and amelanotic melanoma; treated by lesion curettage, cryotherapy or minute dissection to remove insect and all eggs


1. material occurring in fine, gritty particles loose in the body.
2. geological sand is ingested by animals, especially horses, grazing on very sandy soil. The animals may take in large amounts and this accumulates in the large sacs of the alimentary tract, the reticulum of the cow and the cecum and colon in horses. Sand or dust storms, or volcanic dust fallout may produce a similar, acute situation.

sand colic
see sand colic.
sand enteritis
acute sand ingestion may cause enteritis with severe, sometimes fatal diarrhea. See also enteritis.
sand flea
see tungapenetrans.
sand rash
irritation and weeping of the toe webbing in racing Greyhounds causing lameness. Caused usually by racing in sand.
sand shin oak
sand toe
Greyhounds racing in sand suffer impaction of sand under the coronary band, causing lameness, mostly in the inner and outer toes of the hind paws.
uterine sand
see uterine sand.
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The 2 most common names attributed to the sand flea in Peru and other countries of South America--nigua and pique--come from the Arawak and Quechua languages, respectively.
He had manipulated many lesions with a nonsterile needle or a thorn and had also treated his feet with candle wax diluted in used motor oil to get rid of the sand fleas.
Sand fleas are a great bait for all three, but tough to get all the time.
Sand fleas and tipped jigs work well for the pompano but are also good for redfish, Spanish mackerel and flounder.
Work the deep flats with live shrimp, sand fleas, fiddler crabs or Doc's Goofy Jigs here and around the Bunces Pass Bridge heading out to Fort Desoto for some action.
They often appear on a rising tide and hit fresh sand fleas, shrimp or jigs tipped with either.
Pompano love sand fleas, and a bucket of these little crabs is the best call for pompano anglers who want to use live bait.
Sand fleas might be unknown to anglers who are just starting to get after pompano, but they are readily caught or purchased at a local tackle store.
They will swim over the grass, but they really tend to be in the sand holes because that's where they can root around and find their sand fleas, shrimp and stuff like that," Miller said.
I remember one New Year's Day taking a bucket of sand fleas and going home with 58 whiting.
Shrimp, sand fleas or fiddler crabs presented around the boulders at the Venice jetties or alongside the pilings at the Placida trestles or at the old Phosphate Dock at Boca Grande pass are producing enough keeper sheepies to make it worth a drop.
Generally speaking, Larry uses sand fleas or clams for bait.