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Boston Scientific EPI: A Carotid Stenting Trial for High-Risk Surgical Patients. A trial evaluating M&M for high-risk patients treated with Carotid WALLSTENT® with FilterWire EX®/EZ™ System distal protection

Primary endpoint 1-year M&M—cumulative non Q-wave MI within 24 hours of carotid stenting, death in 30 days, stroke, Q-wave MI, ipsilateral stroke or fatal neurologic events up to 1 year
Conclusions Stenting with the Carotid WALLSTENT® together with the FilterWire EX®/EZ™ in a high risk surgical population that otherwise met all other enrollment criteria demonstrated acceptable 30 day and 1-year safety results
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25) The wet sand beach falling seaward of this line is governed by the public trust doctrine.
Unless the public enters solely at public access points such as public beaches, this means crossing private property; thus, without a public right of access across private dry sand beach, the wet sand beach remains a public resource in name only.
If this line is higher than the actual high tide, under the public trust doctrine, the state has sovereignty over the dry sand beach falling below this line.
Florida has had some success opening up the dry sand beach to the public, but none of these doctrines has yet provided the wide-ranging, broadly applicable mandate of public access that many would like to see in the sunshine state.
2d 355 (1984), the state used an expanded public trust doctrine to say that swimmers, boaters, and fishermen are permitted to use part of the dry sand beach falling within private property to sunbathe, rest, and relax:
TO ENTER: For a chance to win our Lanzarote holiday, just tell us in which resort Sand Beach Villas is located.
On this 13-acre lake are a popular sand beach, dive platform, and bathhouse.
Park includes a changing room, sand beach, lawn picnic area, and fishing for bass, bluegill, perch, sunfish, and trout.
For P150, a guest can experience a day of strolling along the white sand beach and dip in its crystal clear seas.
Additionally, the subject property contains millions of dollars of on-site amenities and improvements such as a swimming lake with sand beach, swimming pool, management building, jogging / bicycling / hiking trails, several playgrounds, tennis / volleyball / basketball courts, security gate with guardhouse, etc.
Pearl River Resort encompasses two Las Vegas-style casinos, a 36-hole golf course, a water park and white sand beach, along with numerous stops for dining, shopping and other entertainment.