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Glenn, 20th-century U.S. orthopedic surgeon. See: Blount-Barber disease.
A professional who cuts (usually male) hair and shaves or trims facial hair
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18: Leontyne Price and Samuel Barber in Recital (Bridge).
Souvenirs, made a year earlier, to a score for one piano, four hands, by Samuel Barber, is at the opposite end of the spectrum, a comic story ballet with six scenes and lots of highly detailed choreography.
The show's repertoire includes the Shaker Hymn, Ravel's Bolero and a work by Samuel Barber.
Ian adds: "As well as my new piece, the Brodsky Quartet performs the beautiful String Quartet No 2 (the one with the tune from Kismet) and Scherzo by Alexander Borodin and the unforgettable Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber in its original version for string quartet, and they are joined by Jonathan in the delightful Oboe Quartet by Mozart.
The concert will feature music reflecting the theme of light by composers including Claude Debussy, Gabriel Faure, Samuel Barber Benjamin Britten, for various combinations of soprano, tenor, flute, and piano.
Bach, Samuel Barber, Cesar Franck, Charles Ives, and Louis Vierne.
His set includes the famous poem Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold, set to music by American composer Samuel Barber, and the song Love as the Wind Blows by English composer George Butterworth.
The Samuel Barber centenary in 2010 brought forth editions, recordings, and some performances of this composer whose fortunes have risen and fallen among cognoscenti; disdained by some, he is popular with many who prefer their music more tonal than otherwise.
Hefyd, ceir perfformiadau o weithiau eraill gan gynnwys y gwaith corawl poblogaidd Y Tangnefeddwyr gan Eric Jones a'r Adagio for Strings gan Samuel Barber - cerddoriaeth y ffilm enwog, Platoon.
The range of his career is truly impressive, illustrated by a recording catalogue that includes discs of songs by Charles Ives, Maurice Ravel, Samuel Barber.
Over the next decade the collection was expanded with additions of music mainly by 20th century American composers, including Samuel Barber, Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland, George Gershwin, William Schuman and others.
Samuel Barber Early Piano Works, edited by Richard Wakers.