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samhita (säm·hēˑ·t),

n in Sanskrit, the elemental unity from which rishi, devata, and chhandas originate and among which a constant interaction forms the basis of diversity in creation. See also rishi, devata, and chhandas.
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An accomplished surgeon, philosopher and above all a great teacher, his compilation of the Susruta samhita, a monumental treatise of seminal value, established him as arguably the brightest jewel in the history of surgery in the ancient and medieval period.
17) The Caraka samhita emphasises the values central to the nobility of the profession, thus: 'Those who trade their medical skills for personal livelihood can be considered as collecting a pile of dust, leaving aside the heap of real gold'.
In the Susruta samhita, the doctors's duty and obligations to the patient are stressed: 'The patient may doubt his relatives, his sons and even his parents but he has full faith in the physician.
On the other hand, the Vaikhanasa samhitas of around the tenth century often reflect rivalry with the Pancaratra tradition.
It may be noted that, in spite of the presence of the names of the four vyuhas in the Five Hero group, this group remained an iconographic entity independent of the Pancaratra caturvyuha group, at least in some traditions, up to the ninth-tenth century, as attested by the earliest Vaikhanasa samhitas.
The German text states that the Pancaratra samhitas, like the Saiva Agamas, can be characterized as ritual handbooks on the basis of their contents.