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samhita (säm·hēˑ·t),

n in Sanskrit, the elemental unity from which rishi, devata, and chhandas originate and among which a constant interaction forms the basis of diversity in creation. See also rishi, devata, and chhandas.
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11] Therefore, PV serves as an important postmarketing safety tool in ensuring the safety of Ayurvedic medicines which lack clinical trials unlike the conventional drugs except that they are in use since hundreds of years and safety, and efficacy of individual drugs are reported in Samhitas.
Many of these minor smrtis or samhitas are now preserved only in fragments, or as scattered quotations collected in later works.
The Charaka samhita provides an elaborate code of conduct, stressing that the medical profession has to be motivated by compassion for living beings; (10) thus, '.
The entire corpus of Vedic literature--the Samhitas and the expositions that came to be attached to them, the Brahmanas, the Aranyakas, and the Upanishads--was considered Sruti, the product of divine revelation.
It took me more pages than for any other Purana to describe, as well as I could, the seven khandas of the Skanda in the Venkatesvara, Vangavasi, and Gurumandala editions, as well as the texts claiming to belong to one of its six samhitas, plus the sundry, not unimportant, mahatmyas also considered to be part of "the" Skandapurana.
Thirty of the more than two hundred Pancaratra samhitas ("collections," mostly ritual manuals) have been published.
The Siddhantasamhitasarasamuccaya is a "compendium of essential points about the astronomical Siddhantas and Samhitas.
Unlike the extant samhita, the "ritual recension" postulated by Hillebrandt would have been arranged according to the sequence in which the liturgical portions were recited within a given ritual performance, in the same way as the mantras of the Yajurvedic samhitas.
The non-ethical category of rivals is more often associated with the underworld, at least in the RV and the AV Samhitas.
91) When he argues that this holds true for such terms as they appear in the Yajurveda and Rgveda Samhitas, he is innovating.
It has often been assumed that the Samhitas provide evidence for an original determinative compound with endocentric function 'reaching of old age, attainment of old age', which was secondarily employed as a bahuvrihi 'whose reaching is of old age, having attainment of old age', but, as we have seen, RV 7.
The oldest detailed lists are probably those found in the brahmana sections of the samhitas of the Black Yajurveda: Taittiriya-samhita V.