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fictional character in the novel
Quasimodo complex - personality disorder in which there is abnormal concern about a defect in one's physical appearance.
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Keywords: Salvatore Quasimodo, poesia del Novecento, Grecia, Sicilia, "spatial turn".
The constant stream of Italian genius has continued through Tasso, Ariosto and Leopardi right up to Nobel Prize-winning poets Salvatore Quasimodo and Eugenio Montale, who graces the opening of this selection.
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TAN imi ymweld a'r ynys, dim ond cerdd Salvatore Quasimodo mewn cyfieithiad Saesneg o'r enw "Sardinia" oedd gennyf o wybodaeth o'r wlad honno.
prizes, including the Salvatore Quasimodo Memorial Prize (1993) and the
Wagner uses lines from Salvatore Quasimodo as an epigraph: "Each alone on the heart of the earth / impaled upon a ray of sun: / and suddenly it's evening.
Although two other poets who were to gain international repute, Salvatore Quasimodo and Eugenio Montale, were associated with the movement, its initial leader was Ungaretti, whose education in Paris had introduced him to French Symbolism.
It was first used by the noted Italian critic Francesco Flora to characterize the difficult, " occult - meaning " verse of a group of Italian poets headed by Salvatore Quasimodo, Giuseppe Ungaretti, and Eugenio Montale.
Nest Kite to address Montessori site in Via Salvatore Quasimodo 2D (Annex Plan Nido Aquilone): seats / child n.
Nunca alcanzo el Premio Nobel como Salvatore Quasimodo y Eugenio Montale ni tuvo la celebridad de Giuseppe Ungaretti; sin embargo, jamas le han faltado grupos minoritarios de lectores en muchas partes del mundo.