Salvage Surgery

General surgery Salvage surgery may be defined as
1. Palliative surgery The excision of a tissue designed to reduce the risk of death due to physiologic derangement
2. Limb-salvage surgery
3. Salvage cystoprostatectomy
4. Salvage prostatectomy
Surgical oncology Thoracic surgeons define salvage surgery as lung cancer surgery intended to eradicate all remaining or recurrent tumours when other modalities fail
Trauma surgery A surgical procedure to correct major vascular injuries and other sources of bleeding that are immediately life-threatening, followed by immediate cessation of the operation
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Inclusion criteria were (1) previously untreated patients with confirmed diagnosis of primary long bone tumor through a preoperative biopsy; (2) MRI examination performed at our hospital before the operation; (3) underwent limb salvage surgery with the resected specimen available.
They concluded that this undesired series of events were caused by inappropriate implant selection, thus replacing the nail to a modular THA was more effective as salvage surgery.
This complication was successfully managed with laporascopic salvage surgery.
Limb salvage surgery provides an alternate to other radical procedures, but care must be taken to avoid local recurrence and metastasis.
Hip dysplasia can be managed through balanced nutrition, exercise, chondroprotective supplements and salvage surgery by performing pectineal myectomy, pelvic osteotomy, intertrochantric osteotomy, excision arthroplasty and total hip prosthesis (Raghuvir et al, 2013, Rawson et al, 2005, Vezzoni et al, 2010, Wallace, 1992).
In a study by White et al (17) comparing TORS with standard open approaches for salvage surgery in patients with recurrent oropharynx cancer, the authors noted that TORS was less morbid, with reduced blood loss, reduced postoperative infection rate (10% versus 22%, respectively), reduced positive margins (9% versus 29%, respectively), and similar amounts of airway edema.
Carbon dioxide laser salvage surgery after radiotherapy failure in T1 and T2 glottic carcinoma.
He underwent eight months of aggressive chemotherapy and limb salvage surgery to remove the tumour.
3,4,6) Multimodal treatment with chemoradiotherapy and salvage surgery is recommended in advanced UC to improve local control and survival.
Repeat staging investigations including a CT-PET and EUS are required before a final decision for salvage surgery is made.
Contract notice: Lease building cranes with operator under the act salvage surgery fixation tower aigosthena ancient fort.
Factors linked with better overall survival in multivariate analysis included HPV+ status, salvage surgery, local-regional vs.