Safe Injection Room

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A place supervised by nurses and social workers where drug users can safely inject illicit drugs
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It includes the values on which the moral position is based, and the extent to which any measure, such as a safe injecting room, can achieve the proposed objective.
How, for example, would it be possible to prove whether establishment of a medically supervised safe injecting room would encourage more people to use drugs?
The Catholic Church has apparently separated its moral position from its policy position on safe injecting rooms.
But it added: "Opportunities were missed by refusing to back schemes such as safe injecting rooms.
However, he said safe injecting rooms should be set up countrywide and offered to all heroin users, not just the handful that are prescribed pure heroin.
The powerful Home Affairs Select Committee wants heroin on prescription for addicts and back legal "shooting galleries" - or safe injecting rooms - where they can use the drug.
He also also opposed the idea of safe injecting rooms.
The Home Affairs Select Committee also proposed setting up a pilot programme of safe injecting rooms or ``shooting galleries'' where addicts can go to use illegallypurchased drugs without fear ofarrest to get heroin users off the streets.
The 1998 NSW Parliament Joint Select Committee Report into Safe Injecting Rooms, for example, devotes five pages alone to economic arguments for injecting rooms.
Also, ruling out safe injecting rooms is dangerously short sighted.
Ministers should consider 'providing safe injecting rooms such as those run in Switzerland and The Netherlands for intravenous drug users to reduce the risk of fatal overdoses, dangerous injecting practices and abandoned needles'.