sacrococcygeal joint

sa·cro·coc·cyg·e·al joint

the cartilaginous articulation of the coccyx with the sacrum.
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Impar ganglion is a solitary ganglion located retroperitoneally at the end of paravertebral sympathetic chain and usually in front of sacrococcygeal joint.
Radiologic evaluation showed that the ganglion was located on the direction of sacrococcygeal joint and sacrococcygeal interface was located on the mid-line by the guidance of fluoroscopy.
However, variations have been shown in anatomical studies in the localization of this ganglion between the sacrococcygeal joint and coccyx end.
The sacrococcygeal joint unites the sacrum and the coccyx.
For the study of pelvic prolapses, the anatomic landmark was considered the pubococcygeal line that extends from the inferior margin of the pubis bone to the sacrococcygeal joint.