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WHAT'S NEXT: An ever-constant flow of music videos, the premiere of work with Sacred Bones Records at a SXSW 2012 Film & Music crossover event; a DVD of the Australian Outback nightmare film Twelve Dark Noons, a psychedelic apocalypse film in twelve chapters, featuring Naked On The Vague and a Clock Of 12's; and then maybe a project or two longer than five minutes.
In his Treatise on Relics (1543), John Calvin asserted that if one could collect and compare all the sacred bones in all the churches of Christendom, 'It would then be seen that every apostle had more than four bodies and each saint at least two or three.
In Fast's hands, the modern American funeral business is the object of extended comparison with the culture at large, analogous to the cult of sacred bones in medieval European reliquaries.