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Albert Bruce (1906–1993). American virologist, born in Bialystok, Poland; he developed an oral vaccine against poliomyelitis; see poliovirus vaccine live oral.
Albert Bruce Sabin. Courtesy Sabin Vaccine Institute.


Albert B., Polish-U.S. virologist, 1906-1993. See: Sabin vaccine, Sabin-Feldman dye test.


An obsolete, non-SI (International System) unit of acoustic absorbance.
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Sabines Guerrero has backed his verbal support for the MDGs with actions, allocating a large percentage of the budget for programs that support the state's efforts to meet the MDGs.
Sabines has gone to great lengths to distinguish his administration from that of his predecessor.
Many detractors suggest that Sabines might be waging a political witch-hunt against Salazar Mendiguchia, even though the ex-governor's transgressions are very real.
A group of politicians put pressure on Sabines to extract political revenge [on Salazar], to put him through an investigation and ensure that he spent time in jail, as did some officials from the administration of interim Gov.