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Albert Bruce (1906–1993). American virologist, born in Bialystok, Poland; he developed an oral vaccine against poliomyelitis; see poliovirus vaccine live oral.
Albert Bruce Sabin. Courtesy Sabin Vaccine Institute.


Albert B., Polish-U.S. virologist, 1906-1993. See: Sabin vaccine, Sabin-Feldman dye test.


An obsolete, non-SI (International System) unit of acoustic absorbance.
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When Sabin was first diagnosed with chronic leukemia, he immediately got a second opinion from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, a NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center.
Asa Hutchinson signed it into law in early May, exempts Arkansas' highways from P3 arrangements, something Sabin said was an unfortunate necessity of politics.
The new strains were "extremely attenuated and genetically stable in cell culture by rational design based on understanding of the attenuation of the Sabin vaccine strains of poliovirus.
Prior to his work at Sabin, de Quadros worked at WHO and PAHO, where he led public health efforts to eradicate polio and measles from the Western Hemisphere and smallpox from Ethiopia.
As Pipe readily recounted, Sabin Du Loir was never beaten by Dessie in four meetings, including when the renowned grey was runner-up in the 1990 Haldon Gold Cup and, a year later, in none other than the Desert Orchid South West Pattern Chase.
Ellie Meaking, Sherrie Meaking, Cathie and John Sabin
Sabin contends that "the most pernicious current reflection of Ehrlich and Simon's clash is the ongoing political impasse over climate change.
Sabin was confirmed as the LTA's first female figurehead in its 125-year history at the governing body's AGM yesterday.
Araish Kumar told the court he was Canadian citizen and Sabin Rizvi informed that his children were born in Australia and by virtue of it he was given dual nationality.
Departing head girl, Rebecca Sabin, of Brighouse, achieved As in French and History and B in German and will study law at Leeds University.
com)-- Third Wave Advertising, Central Georgia's most comprehensive advertising agency and Internet marketing firm, today announces the addition of Ali Sabin as Web Developer.
Shortly after ordering a thousand Chinese-manufactured lion hats with blinking LED eyes to sell as merchandise, Sabin looked over at his own sweaty icon of childhood naivete and, four years too late, decided it looked terrible.