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abbreviation for posterior axillary line.


physical activity level

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Q. I think I have got involved with a man who had a bipolar, he never mentioned it I need to talk to somebody,pls The problem is he would never even admit it if I ever ask him. He's nice and caring and the next day he would disapearing without any reason, after a few weeks he would come back again even without saying sorry and repeats over and over again.... I need to talk to somebody... Thank you

A. I have read your question/answers; an where i come from we would call him a player-he can be a player and bipolar at the same time,as a man i would let him make the first move and see where it goes from there.If you are having so much stress from this person now/think about living with him later--is it worst your mental health/an stress on your system to be with him/if a person really loves you he wouldnt leave for no reason like he is doing----think about your life with him ?------------mrfoot56

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Many of these devices represent industry standard architectures, and pin-compatible second-sources are available from companies that continue to service the SPLD market.
According to Mark Aaldering, Philips Semiconductors' programmable logic marketing and applications manager, "When designers are looking for the ultimate in performance, they still tend to rely on the traditional SPLD architectures, especially when the application is a state machine.
Lewis C et al also commented, in their study, that SpLDs are not common in one gender or the other.
In some cases, children may be misdiagnosed as having SpLDs when in fact all they need is an optometric intervention.