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sympathetic nervous system.


A gene on chromosome 3p22.2 that encodes a voltage-gated sodium ion channel, which is an integral membrane glycoprotein. It is responsible for the initial rising phase of the action potential in most excitable cells.


Abbreviation for sympathetic nervous system.

sympathetic nervous system

; SNS cell bodies of motor nerves located in intermediate columns of spinal cord between T1 and L2 vertebrae; synapse with paravertebral sympathetic ganglia (forming two chains to either side of spinal cord); all preganglionic and most postganglionic SNS fibres use adrenaline or nor- adrenaline as neurotransmitter; note: SNS input to sweat glands is cholinergic (i.e. uses acetylcholine as neurotransmitter)
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The third factor to consider is the emerging rate of faculty members using SNS to interact with their students outside the classroom.
We plan to run the experiment first at the HFIR reactor, to measure the polarization-independent parameters a and b, and then at SNS to measure all four parameters.
The addition of SNS Surveyor and SNS Compliance Manager to our portfolio of synchronization and monitoring products will help healthcare facility managers more easily automate, monitor, guide and document facility activities across the entire compliance continuum, from surveys to minute-by-minute automated monitoring.
The company would reshape its SNS Bank unit into a stand-alone business, most likely by transferring it to the Dutch government at the time of the Vivat transaction, said SNS Reaal.
8220;Going live with our WMS in a record time was a great challenge we needed to achieve and with the steady hand of SNS, we accomplished it," said Sherif Abdel Messih Chief Strategy Officer of the company.
According to SNS, the acquisition of GSI not only showed that Docdata is substantially undervalued but also highlighted the excellent outlook for the independent e-commerce facilitators.
Very significantly, the SNS, as a new facility, provides an exceptional opportunity to fully optimize the design of the beamlines.
By enabling facility managers to upload facility floor plans and drag-and-drop SNS device icons in their exact locations throughout the facility, the new AMP 3.
Following completion of the sale of VIVAT, SNS REAAL will take a next step in the restructuring process following the nationalisation.
No products are being held by manufacturers or distributors specifically for SNS orders, and SNS orders are not being prioritized ahead of orders placed by hospitals.
SNS Securities, a brokerage subsidiary of SNS Reaal (AMS: SR), has stated that it is involved in discussions to sell its private banking operations.