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sympathetic nervous system.


A gene on chromosome 3p22.2 that encodes a voltage-gated sodium ion channel, which is an integral membrane glycoprotein. It is responsible for the initial rising phase of the action potential in most excitable cells.


Abbreviation for sympathetic nervous system.

sympathetic nervous system

; SNS cell bodies of motor nerves located in intermediate columns of spinal cord between T1 and L2 vertebrae; synapse with paravertebral sympathetic ganglia (forming two chains to either side of spinal cord); all preganglionic and most postganglionic SNS fibres use adrenaline or nor- adrenaline as neurotransmitter; note: SNS input to sweat glands is cholinergic (i.e. uses acetylcholine as neurotransmitter)
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SNS assume an important role in the creation of groups and mobilization of people.
Organizations have to use SNS to monitor the fast dissemination of information so that responses to unions can be made quickly and efficiently.
Participants were recruited from intact classrooms for the Ftf condition, and participants in the VMC and SNS conditions were recruited via campus-wide e-mail.
Following the impression measure, participants responded to questions regarding SNS usage (see Tables 1, 2, & 3 for usage details).
One can obtain access to an opponent's SNS profile through the pre-trial document production and discovery process and with assistance from the courts.
In the Gulf region, SNS started to penetrate into the population, especially among the young generation.
To find out whether the youth are using SNS for bonding with stronger ties rather than weaker ties
Therefore, when employees perceive more support provided by the organization, they are more likely to endure the stress of abusive supervision and then are less likely to be addicted to SNS use.
The measurements of the persoanl traits will beneficial in the screening of potentially adddictive SNS users, and aid in intervention when such users are found.
In order to perform resource recycling and discovering, it is very good to utilize SNS community and carry out information exchanging and sharing on the networks.
market access have the potential to dampen SNS Bank's prospects for fully