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Biochemistry The number—20—of different amino acids found in proteins
Psychology Per G. Miller, the working memory’s holding capacity of about seven items
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There are few vendors that supply SMB systems that can fit into a laboratory.
Network-attached storage (NAS) has been an important part of mid-tier SMB for years now, and the growing acceptance of iSCSI SANs (storage area network) is key to SMB data protection.
SMB Top Must-have Additional Collaboration Functions (Current Users)
Provide product interoperability with existing components in the SMB infrastructure
About SMBTN The SMB Technology Network (SMBTN) has its roots in partner groups focused on IT solutions & services for the SMB (Small Medium Business) space.
Second, many of the companies at the upper end of the SMB category--which is a very large category--are facing similar problems that the data centers faced eight, nine, ten years ago, when they started looking at SANs.
com/research/6d75e6/2010_marketing_tel) has announced the addition of the "2010 Marketing Telecommunications Products and Services to SMBs in Western Europe" report to their offering.
SMB Direct Routers Chelsio is delivering four new Unified Storage Routers for SMB Direct.
Certance is a leader in providing data protection solutions to the SMB community.
Growth Of SMB Hosted Applications Will Center Around Customer And Database Management.
This report explores key trends on how SMB internal networks are evolving and provides insight to vendors that need to position products effectively in a increasingly difficult market.