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With a strong foundation that includes veteran customer loyalty program executives, SLS is well positioned to become the leading provider of loyalty programs for the sports industry.
In tandem with its plans for growth, SLS has demonstrated a strong commitment to develop its servicing platform, including hiring experienced managers and strengthening procedures and controls, as well as continuing to enhance its technology.
5 million and, at the time that SLS enters into any agreements with one or more leading national retailers, to help SLS prepare for the launch of its products with such retailers.
The festival featured a very diverse line-up of artists that tested the SLS Loudspeakers' worthiness in a variety of very different situations, from reggae to symphony orchestra to rock to a kid's concert.
We are proud to be the first theater chain in the US to present the SLS Loudspeaker technology to our customers," said Mr.
In July, we commercialize our first ever manufacturing-capable machine: the Sinterstation HiQ SLS system.
After several years of working with digital manufacturing customers and other leading SLS system users, we are getting closer to realizing the vision of a truly flexible, instant manufacturing system," continued Reichental.
NYSE: TWX) and XM Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: XMSR), will also consult on business development with SLS International.
Due to the bad weather the event was held inside the carrier and it was amazing how the SLS speakers covered the entire area with what seemed to be no variation in sound level.
After holding a demo in the Church between a 12-inch speaker with one horn, commonly used in churches, and the LS8695, a column line array system utilizing 9 SLS PRD500 ribbon drivers, Mr.
This equates to revenue to SLS of $3,000 to $10,000 per unit depending on the mix of speakers selected.