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(in'di-gō), [C.I. 73000]
A blue dyestuff obtained from Indigofera tinctoria, and other species of Indigofera (family Leguminosae); also made synthetically.
Synonym(s): indigo blue, indigotin
[L. indicum, fr. G. indikon, indigo, ntr. of Indikos, Indian]


/in·di·go/ (in´dĭ-go)
1. a blue dyeing material from various leguminous and other plants, being the aglycone of indican and also made synthetically; sometimes found in the sweat and urine.
2. a color between blue and violet, produced by energy of wavelengths between 420 and 450 nm.
A colour which, in the pseudoscientific doctrine of colour therapy, is linked to the paranormal and said to stimulate the intellect, authority and inner calmness. It is said to purify the blood and treat diseases of the ear, nose, eyes, and sinuses, varicose veins, and nervous system, boils and ulcers, and skin disease. Too much indigo allegedly triggers headaches and somnolence


n Latin name:
Indigofera spp.; parts used: branches, leaves; uses: liver purification, antiinflammatory, diabetes, mumps; precautions: teratogenic. Also called
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