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Sera from patients with a high urinary content of immunochemically nonreactive albumin were also analyzed by reducing SDS-PAGE (results not shown).
According to the results of the FPLC chromatogram (Figure 1), elution volume between fractions under the bound protein peak were collected and run on SDS-PAGE gel to visualize the separation of proteins in each fraction.
The supernatant plasma and precipitated granules were diluted in 1% NaCl and delipidated using acetone to clearly identify the protein composition on the SDS-PAGE gel.
Reducing SDS-PAGE of fractions from the Superose 6 gel permeation experiment showed that these major peaks were derived from intense bands of the medium-molecular weight (~40-50 KDa) protein pairs.
Zymography with casein: Activity staining of protease was performed by Casein SDS-PAGE zymography (Heussen and Dowdel, 1980) using 10mg/ml casein in 12 % polyacrylamide mixture.
The penicillin-binding proteins are conventionally detected on SDS-PAGE using radioactive Benzyl-C(14) penicillin (23).
The third SDS-PAGE gel, run under non-reducing conditions, was used with two-dimensional SDS-PAGE, with the second dimension run under reducing conditions.
Analysis of Atlantic salmon skin mucus: COPS-a computerbased system for protein pattern analysis of 1D SDS-PAGE gels.
Para se determinar a resposta molecular aos tratamentos, foi utilizado o metodo de eletroforese SDS-PAGE.
Natural rubber which contains proteins having a molecular weight of more than 14 kDa, substantially no proteolytic enzyme and its decomposed compounds and substantially no proteins specified by the bands of 14, 31 and 45 kDa by SDS-PAGE and having a nitrogen content of 0.
solium infection specific glycoproteins of molecular weights 50, 38,24, 18,14, 13kDa were purified to homogenicity by lentil lectin chromatography and preparative SDS-PAGE.
There are various techniques recommended for the detection of impurities, including immunoassay, DNA hybridization, HPLC, SDS-PAGE, mass spectrometry and capillary electrophoresis.