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1. An end or ending, particularly a nerve ending.
2. Induced ending of a pregnancy.
Synonym(s): terminatio [TA]
[L. terminatio]

termination (of subject)

An older term for the ending (discontinuation) of a subject’s/patient’s participation in a clinical trial.

termination (of trial)

A clinical trial term of art for the premature discontinuation—for any reason—of the study before its planned end.


An end or ending. A termination or ending, particularly a nerve ending.
[L. terminatio]


n the gradual ending of deep relaxation that allows the individual to slowly become alert to the surroundings. Also called
arousal and
return to everyday activity.

Patient discussion about termination

Q. I heard that HIV is no longer considered a terminal illness?!? I saw a T.V. program about it and they said it’s a “chronic disease”. What does that means?? Is it true?

A. It’s true, it’s no longer considered terminal, but believe me, don’t throw away your condoms…the medication prolongs life and give you a chance to live but they are expensive and have nasty side effects. Enough to make you consider stop using them, and then the HIV comes back like nothing happened. Protect your self. It’s MUCH cheaper and wiser..

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